Thursday, December 21, 2006

Move to

Wordpress is a way better blogging tool than this Blogger stuff. Blogger isn't bad, but man I'd love to see some stats. Then I could be sure that nobody is reading this :)

If nobody is reading this, then moving to Wordpress is no big deal :) Though I gotta figure out how to move the old posts over easily.

I've already created it, I just need to make up my mind

Using 'screen' on Linux

A friend of mine at work, Greg Fast, introduced me to 'screen' while we were locked away in a conference room for 3 weeks. We took over the conference room to do a "Lan Party" of sorts. The idea being, you get a few dedicated developers in a room and we all work together, without interference, to accomplish the mission. But I digress...

Screen is very cool, especially if you're ssh'd into some remote server for a few hours and can't pop up new terminals all willy-nilly. The simplest use of Screen is to have a few terminals going inside one shell.

To get the most use out of screen, it's best to have this config setup (I stole it from Greg):

vbell on
#escape ^ww
deflogin off
startup_message off

#screen -t "random" 0

hardstatus alwayslastline
hardstatus string '%{= KW}%-w%{= gW}%50> %n %t %{= KW}%+w%< %{= kG}%-=%{-}'

Save this little snippet as ~/.screenrc.

What does this config do you ask?
Well it puts a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows you how many 'screens' you have going. You can rename them and switch between them using ^A0 ^A1, or just ^A^A to cycle through (the ^ meaning CTRL).

That string full of goofy characters and symbols? Well that's a typically Linux pile of undocumented gibberish that only the most uber of geeks will ever know to use. Passed down from generation to generation...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

On my way to Spring Experience '06

I'm stuck in O'Hare...
My flight was supposed to be at like 7:30 CST. It's been delayed twice. I'm not scheduled to fly until 9:18.

So I try and pick up a wireless network. I see a solid connection to the 'concourse' network. It is the in-house wireless network available. Well, of course, it's not free. Luckily I know how to use my blackberry as a modem and can get a connection through that. Thanks Vinay! It's not a bad connection 100k according to the excellent speed test at InternetFrog.
So, now, I'm scheduled to depart at 9:18 and arrive in Miami at 1:18. The plane is pulling into the concourse as I type this. So, as my new favorite video blogger - Zefrank - says, "It's fire eagle danger day"...