Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Introduction to the Spring Framework 2.5

Rod Johnson updated his "Introduction to the Spring Framework" article to include the Spring 2.5 updates.

I've always forwarded this article on to folks that are new to Spring to get a footing.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Securing Java Applications with Acegi

Consutlant Bilal Siddiqui wrote a series of articles at IBM developerWorks around Acegi. Definitely worth a read if you're trying to understand Acegi. Our reference guide is good, but it's a bit over the top for most folks.

The first article was released in March 2007. The third part was released on September 25 2007. I've fallen behind on my feed reading a bit :P

Thursday, October 18, 2007

IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Released

IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 was released three days ago. I just got it up and running here, so I'll be feeling out the new features.

The folks at IntelliJ were kind enough to provide the developers of the Acegi Security (aka Spring Security) framework an Open Source license for use in the Acegi Security project. In the past I had to contact them when new major releases came out. This time they were on the ball. A new license key was mailed out the next day. So, if you work on an open source project and would like to try out IntelliJ you can apply for an Open Source license.

Now a quick list, for my own reference really, of the features I'm most interested in...

These are just the new or improved features. I already believe that IDEA is simply the best Java IDE out there. Period. Lots of folks complain that it's not free. Well, it is free to Open Source projects, and the individual license is pretty respectable at US$249.

I think I'll try out the new features and build a sample project around my DAO articles and upload it here...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Video: Rolling out Web Services the Right Way with Spring-WS


Posted two days ago at Springframework.org, a video about the Spring Web Services project. The video is a recording of Arjen Poutsma of Interface21 at the Spring Experience conference in December 2006.

We have chosen Spring-WS for a project my team is starting at work. We will definitely sit down and watch this. I have no idea if the video is good or not, I haven't watched it yet. Arjen is a really smart dude, so I'd imagine there's some good information here.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Saturday Night Live: Digital Shorts

At lunch today someone mentioned that they don't watch SNL any more. They asked if it was still funny. Honestly, they can't all be gems, but yeah it's definitely still funny from time to time. When people think about SNL, they only remember what they want to remember. Most folks tend to remember the "Land Shark", the "Samurai Tailor", and most stuff Dana Carvey did. You know what was in between all those memorable skits? Stuff that wasn't funny.

So, like I said, they can't all be gems. SNL has been on a roll with creating these "Digital Shorts" the last view years. Most of them are hysterical. I've already embedded a few of them here in the past. Today, in response to the lunch conversation, I've compiled a list...

“Lazy Sunday”

“Special Christmas Box”

“United Way” (Peyton Manning isn’t the nice guy you think he is)

“Maraka” (If your kids watch Dora)

“Apacalypto Recut” (A shot at Mel Gibson, who was um in the news at the time)

“I Ran”

“Natalie Portman” (Her Gangsta Lifestyle...)

You'll notice most of these are actually published by NBC, which is very cool. You'll also see that they almost all contain a shaggy haired kid named Andy Samberg. I think Andy is one of their big up-and-coming stars right now.

Andy is also a member of "The Lonely Island" writing group. It turns out that they wrote most of the really good digital shorts. Have a look :)