Thursday, December 07, 2006

On my way to Spring Experience '06

I'm stuck in O'Hare...
My flight was supposed to be at like 7:30 CST. It's been delayed twice. I'm not scheduled to fly until 9:18.

So I try and pick up a wireless network. I see a solid connection to the 'concourse' network. It is the in-house wireless network available. Well, of course, it's not free. Luckily I know how to use my blackberry as a modem and can get a connection through that. Thanks Vinay! It's not a bad connection 100k according to the excellent speed test at InternetFrog.
So, now, I'm scheduled to depart at 9:18 and arrive in Miami at 1:18. The plane is pulling into the concourse as I type this. So, as my new favorite video blogger - Zefrank - says, "It's fire eagle danger day"...

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