Friday, June 27, 2008

Open Source Application Monitoring from Orbitz

This week Orbitz announced that our internal monitoring api "ERMA" is now open source. ERMA (Extremely Reusable Monitoring API), as a framework for monitoring the health of simple applications or large distributed applications alike. The framework is based on Aspect Orient Programming and Complex Event Processing.

I've had the pleasure of using ERMA at Orbitz on many applications and projects. I've also had the fun of contributing code to the ERMA code base even though it didn't really belong to my team. Sort of an "internalized open-source" model if you will, it's how things get done at Orbitz.

I am a member of the core team that will continue to develop ERMA and expand it into new areas (such as ERMArb). We've got a lot of planning to do to see where we want to go with it. ERMA has been extremely useful at Orbitz and I can't wait to see what others do with it.

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