Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hibernate-memcached moved to github

I just completed moving the source for the hibernate-memcached project from subversion at GoogleCode to GitHub. There's a great guide at GitHub about importing a project from subversion. The only notes I'd add is that you pretty much have to do the authors file trick or your history won't accurately show you as the person making the changes. Also, I had to push using "-f".

git svn --authors-file=/home/ray/.authors clone hibernate-memcached
cd hibernate-memcached
git remote add origin
git push -f origin master
git tag hibernate-memcached-1.0
git push --tags

I probably could have tagged it initially, but I didn't think of it :P


Doug Barth said...

It's even easier.

Ray Krueger said...

Man, it'd be nice if their guide linked to that...