Thursday, December 18, 2008

Simple Maven Archetype

I've been doing more and more with Maven lately. We're currently beginning the effort to migrate some of our stuff to Maven at work. A new feature of the archetype plugin was introduced a bit ago to generate java projects from a menu. This is done using mvn archetype:generate. This provides you with a (hideous) menu of options to begin a new project from a template.

The problem I have with this (besides the menu being hideous) is that Maven still defaults the compiler to use source/target settings for java 1.4. Every project I do that uses Java 1.5 needs to have the compiler config settings tweaked to allow the use of 1.5. It is really annoying, so I created my own simple archetype that I can use and uploaded it to github for easy access.

This new archetype generates an empty project with compiler settings for 1.5, includes the maven repository and has dependencies for slf4j and junit.

I may move this archetype project in the future into a collection of archetypes. So I can have a simple java one, a webapp one, and whatever else I come up with. If I do move them, I'll update this blog :)

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