Friday, July 17, 2009

Hibernate-memcached 1.2 Released

Earlier this week I released hibernate-memcached 1.2. Hibernate-memcached is a simple library that enables the use of Memcached as a second-level cache in Hibernate.

The 1.2 release updates the Maven dependencies to spymemcached 2.3.1, which includes some bug fixes and reduces the dependencies by one jar (spy.jar is gone). The main purpose of the hibernate-memcached release is to add support for the new binary protocol released with memcached 1.4. Previous versions of memcached only supported the ascii protocol. This has always performed well in it's own right; but the binary protocol reduces CPU compute time and can decrease response time as well.

The hibernate-memcached release also includes a minor tweak to use getMulti in Memcached when DogpilePrevention is enabled. Not a big deal, but someone pointed out an opportunity for it; so I added it.

You can download hibernate-memcached here. Or you can setup your maven project by following these instructions. As always, the source is available via github.

-Ray Krueger

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uwe schaefer said...

awesome! just right before our app using it goes to production ;)