Friday, September 18, 2009

iPhone QR Code Readers

I was playing around with some QR code readers for the iPhone. If you don't know what a QR code is you might recognize it as a crazy looking square full of smaller squares. Apparently these things are on everything in Japan, and are used to market products as well as presenting URLs.

I tried two so far this morning based on what Jeff Judge and Doug Barth at Interactive Mediums were playing with. Of the two, "Beetagg" and "QR App", QR App is the clear winner.

In order to get Beetagg to read a code it requires 4 clicks. One to launch it, two to start the scanner, 3 to snap the picture, and 4 to "Use" the picture. Lame...

QR App only takes one click. Launch it and the camera comes up automatically, point it at a tag and it recognizes it on it's own and acts. Very cool.

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