Saturday, February 24, 2007


In my recent studies of wine, I was reading about Beaujolais. My wife doesn't like most red wines, but I do. We do agree on Pinot Noir, as it is very low on the red wine scale. Well, knowing Dawn's tendency towards whites, and reading about the characteristics of Beaujolais, I picked up a bottle of 2005 "Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages". It was a big hit, we both really enjoyed it.

Beaujolais is made from 100% Gamay grapes, and produced in the Burgundy region of France. You can read all about it at Wikipedia: Beaujolais

If you like Pinot Noir, if you're a afraid if 'big' red wines, check out Beaujolais. The Louis Jadot 2005 Villages was very good. Lots of cherry and Dr. pepper flavors, with some good tannins to boot.


Vinay said...

Didn't know that you were a wine snob!! :). Try the 2005 Fat Bastard Merlot. You may like it :).

Ray Krueger said...

Have a look in the side bar at the "Bottletalk - Wines I've Tasted" widget thingy. It's from BottleTalk
And thanks for the tip. I haven't had a straight Merlot in some time, you'll see the last wine I had was a Tempranillo/Merlot blend though.