Sunday, April 08, 2007

President Feed: Update

Tim O'Brien and friends have made some nice updates to PresidentFeed. I see you can remove your vote, without having to cast a new one now. The UI is cleaned up, it looks a little more - I dunno - serious I guess. The new widgets that show approval percentages, and vote charts. Very nice.

One thing that was removed, that I think is unfortunate, is the links to the candidate sites. I'd love to see the site aggregate news info about the candidates. Having one site that gets news updates for all the candidates in one friendly place; that'd be extremely cool. Hell, even if it's just links to a search.

What do you think Tim? :P


Vinay said...

Looks like the registration process is not working on the site. Need to let Tim know about it :).

Tim O'Brien said...

Yeah, thanks for pinging me Vinay. It's interesting, I moved everything to Adobe Flex (I actually shelled out money for software which is shocking). I was making good progress on it, but then i had a series of unfortunate things happen: four weeks ago I sliced my hand open and was in stitches for a week, and two weeks ago I had the kind of flu that makes you think the end is at hand. (right after I got better, a tree fell on my car.) *sigh*, this really is my luck, disaster follows me around everywhere I go, it was one reason I found it hard to work a permanent job, no HR officer believes my luck.

But, i have to get back on the PresidentFeed stuff ASAP. It's the kind of thing that I'll get really interested in one week, and then I'll realize that there are bills to pay the next.

Ray, I need to proofread something don't I? I'm a loser. (CJUG next Tuesday, go, Anil Saldhana is speaking about Tomcat security)