Thursday, November 15, 2007

NBC Pulls their Youtube Channel

I just noticed today that NBC pulled down their YouTube channel. This is a tragedy. I loved watching the stuff they put up. I was generally impressed with NBC and the amount of content they were putting out on YouTube. Hell, I am still impressed that you could watch past episodes of their shows on their site.

Unfortunately, I shouldn't have to be impressed by this. How hard is that? You lace some commercials in for revenue and you put the stuff online to watch. How different is that from TV right now?

Good bye, thanks for breaking all the links on my SNL Digital Shorts post...

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sol yourmama leks said...

fuck NBC and those other bigwig assclowns. I was reading an article in wired this week about the head dude from Universal and the reasons they are still resisting the mp3 revolution (if it can still be called that.) Instead of embracing the changing market and adapting to take advantage of it, they put their customers in jail. nice.