Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spring Framework 2.5 Released


The latest version of Spring is released, and it has tons of new features. I can't wait to get them going in some of my projects. I'm especially excited about using the @Resource annotation support.

The good folks at InfoQ have posted the first of a series of articles about Spring 2.5. Have a look...


xavzeman said...

Hello there,

I am back and still reading your blog. I moved to spring 2.5 and dwr 2.0.2 for my project. I have a question though regarding file upload :(

Here is my basic problem and since it seems you are very knowledgeable I was hoping you could help me answering the following question.

Imagine I have a form with multiple input fields and one browse button with an attach button next to it.

field 1 [.....]
field 2 [.....]
[list of file selected] [browse button] [attach button]

[submit button]

I created of course a form bean and I have a simpleFormController managing the form. I would like to be able to process and valid the files selected when the user clicks the attach button. For that, I should have a controller dedicated only to the file upload process and stays on the form.

Only when I click the submit button I would submit the form input.

Is there a way to do this with Spring or am I crazy ?

Thanks for your input

Ray Krueger said...

I've been really busy and haven't been able to get any new posts up :(

You definitely can do that with some Ajax style javascript voodoo. You're on the right track by having a controller that can handle the upload.

How exactly you'd go about implementing that is beyond the scope of what I can answer on my blog :)

Post a question at the Srpring support forums, there are smarter people than me there :)