Friday, May 18, 2007

Sox @ Cubs

It's interleague play time this weekend for Major League Baseball. I am a White Sox fan as everyone born on the Southside of Chicago should be. Really, as everyone in Chicago should be. The Sox-Cubs series is always a good time around Chicago. I love watching all the cubs fans wear their cute little red, white and blue jerseys, and then look away in shame when a Sox fan comes along.

I am not a huge fan of the interleague games outside of the rivalries; Sox-Cubs, Mets-Yankess, Giants-A's. Other than that I really don't care to see the Sox play the Pirates. Anyway, this isn't the "real" interleague play period yet, that's in June when it goes on for two whole weeks. The Sox-Cubs series is always fun though.


Andy Cirillo said...

Some would argue that the "real" interleage play starts in October. (Although not for the Cubs, of course...)

Anonymous said...

Go Cubs! muahahah