Friday, May 04, 2007

Tim O'Brien interiviews Tim Bray

Interview with Tim Bray: Atom, JRuby, and the Ecumenical Sun

Tim O'Brien, O'Reilly author and overall smart guy, got a chance to sit down with Tim Bray for a chat. Most folks who know of Tim Bray know him as the "father of xml". Bray is also a big proponent of Ruby, Atom (which you'll see all over any blogspot blog, look below), and many other current technologies. Bray has a blog at where he'll post on a very wide variety of subjects. Unfortunately he'll also post nothing but pictures of flowers for a week if he feels like it too. It was Bray's blog that got me looking closer at OpenID actually.

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Anonymous said...

Pictures of flowers are nice. -Tim